About Us

Since 2008, Amax has been in the business of home security systems, featuring the best wireless CCTV cameras. Today, Amax is one of the leading online stores in the Philippines for home security systems.

We have numerous clients and resellers/agents in and out of Metro Manila. Most of them buy our CCTV cameras because these cameras are of high quality and are marketed at reasonable prices. We get them from our own factory in China.   


The Amax Company Philosophy


Business Philosophy 

We believe that honesty is really the best policy. And it is the base of all our deals and transactions.

We believe in practicing precision at all times especially in the manufacturing of our products. We must be innovative and yet pragmatic.  

We believe in precision management over our workforce. We expect top quality performance without being crude or disrespectful.   


Service Concept

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priorities because the customer is the reason for our being.


Quality concept 

We wish to lead in the market for Home Security Systems and CCTVs in the Philippines, and we will always work hard to deliver only the best.



 We uphold a strong sense of product integrity by ensuring that everything we offer meet the high standards of the industry.



Our CCTV cameras are from our own factory in China. Therefore, we are able to monitor every step of production and do all necessary quality control,  in order to guarantee the best possible results.



Factory owned advantages allow us to reduce regional disparities, and directly contact our trusted dealers and resellers of home security systems.



We have a professional marketing team that uses one-to-one marketing technique in order to always bring about an excellent working-day delivery.



Because of our long-standing working relationship with many major logistics and forwarding companies, our customer service staff is able to select the most convenient, most affordable, most effective mode of transport.


Full service is what we offer. At the end of each transaction, the customer must not be left feeling incomplete or dissatisfied in any manner. He must be able to operate the product with ease and confidence.



We Supply

  • CCTV Surveillance System
  • Solar Power System
  • Laptops &  Parts (LCD & LED Panel All Size, Battery, Keyboard , Charger)
  • Cables & Adapters (VGA, HDMI, & USB)
  • Splitter and Switch (VGA & HDMI)
  • Computer Accessories (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, etc.)
  • Wireless Router and Switch


Dealers & Resellers/Agents


Here is your chance to start a small business without the headaches and worries that normally go with starting a business.

We will supply you with products guaranteed to be of high quality at very competitive prices. We also offer excellent service.

If there are questions on either the product quality, the pricing, or the service, feel free to discuss it with us. We will work with you.

We are a growing company and you can be part of us.